Arkansas Duck Hunts

Welcome to Southern Cypress Outfitters located in the #1 location in the world for duck hunting Stuttgart, Arkansas. We hunt over 4,000 acres of the best duck hunting in Arkansas. We have the land  to hunt over rice fields, milo fields, bean fields, flooded timber, and oxbow lakes.

Arkansas Guided Duck Hunts with Lodging and Meals

Our Arkansas Guided duck hunt package features a lodge on the Arkansas river that sleeps 17 people and includes all meals. Every morning a continental breakfast will be served before we depart for the hunt each morning. We will hunt until the afternoon and cook breakfast in the duck blind. Upon Arrival back to the lodge brunch or lunch will be waiting on the hunters in the dining room. From there feel free to use our lodge as your home away from home. Activities include skeet shooting, bass fishing, pool, darts, and a relaxing living room with two flat screen tv's. In the evening supper will be served and as always sweet tea. 

This Package is $400 per person/ per day for an Arkansas guided duck hunt, Lodging, and all meals included.

Guided Duck Hunts

Our guided duck hunts are $250 per person/ per day with no lodging or meals.

 All guided duck  hunts will either be flooded rice,bean, milot fields, or flooded timber. Our flooded timber hunts can accommodate 6-10 hunters, and our flooded field blinds will range from 6-8 hunters. We will have anywhere from 100-500 decoys in our spreads, mojo's, and jerk strings out in each blind. We don't always run mojo's, sometimes we have to go back to traditional ways depending on how the birds are reacting. We offer transportation to and from the blind by either boat or atv. 

Our guides are hand selected with years of experience to ensure that every client has a great duck hunt. Although no hunts are guaranteed we work hard day after day to put all of our clients on ducks.

Please contact (870) 456-1314 for booking information and questions.

Self-guided Duck Hunts

Our Self-guided duck hunts/ daily blind leases are $600.00 per blind and up to 6 people. Each group can hunt all day between legal shooting hours. .All Self guided Duck hunt leases will be in flooded rice fields or flooded bean fields with pit blinds or sled blinds. All of our blinds are well brushed and come with one dozen decoys. Each group will need to bring atleast 6 dozen decoys and an atv for transportation to and from the blind.If you have never hunted arkansas before we highly recommend you go on a guided hunt first to ensure that you're doing everything correct and to have the best hunt possible when you return.